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Welcome to Y5Staffing

Quick, Quality, &  Affordable Remote Staffing

Unlock Your Business's Potential

Business Plan

About Us

Y5Staffing is a comprehensive staffing and compliance agency that specializes in facilitating remote international hiring for US companies. Our mission is to empower businesses to focus on their core competencies by handling the difficult yet crucial task of sourcing and managing the right remote talent for you.

Industries We Serve

Our Process



We start with a discovery meeting to obtain an understanding your business, and the unique requirements and the qualifications desired for your new team member.


Talent Acquisition

Leveraging our global networks, within five days, we source, vet, and preliminarily interview candidates that match your unique needs and requirements.



With the expertise of our skilled recruitment team, we compile a selection of our highest ranking candidates and arrange interviews between you and them.


Selection & Onboarding

After you choose your preferred candidate, you begin onboarding of your team member.

Advantages We Bring to Our Clients

Cost Efficiency


Risk Aversion

Time Saving

Global Reach

24/7 Support

Proactive Communication

“Y5Staffing exceeded all my expectations. They handled everything from sourcing to payroll, making it very easy to onboard talent from around the globe. Also, their transparent pricing was a breath of fresh air!”

Herschel Luwin – CFO of a Healthcare Company

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